Nouveau codex marines


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    Nouveau codex marines

    Message  NecroBob le Mar 9 Juin 2015 - 12:24

    compilation de rumeurs:

    Marine “Decurion”
    The basic “Decurión” is the Demi battle company:
    – 1 Captain or Chaplain
    – 0-1 Command squad
    – 3 Tactical squads
    – 1 Assault squad, Bike squad, Attack bike squad, Land speeder squad or Assault Cents.
    – 1 Devastator squad or Dev Cent squad.
    – 0-1 Dreadnought of any type.

    This formation may use any battle doctrines once per battle

    If you take 2 Demi-Companies, you get a full Company. (First company with a Captain and the second with a Chaplain). If done so, any unit that is able to purchase a Rhino, Razorback or Drop Pod, may do so without any additional cost.

    Termins are now 175 points (Both types), altough hammer and shied cost +10 points

    Devastator, for +5 points, may once per game, reroll to hit. Grav cannons + amp cost 35 points.

    Chapter master upgrade is not one per army.

    No Land Raider Squadrons, but one Formation (3 Land Raiders of any type). They reroll to wound vs Gargantuan Creatures and to penétrate vs Superhevies. If they are at 6″ of any other Raider of the formation, they ignore any result on the damage chart but destroyed.

    To get the benefit of the tank squadrons you need 3 of them. You lose the benefit if you lose a tank.

    Warlord Traits
    Calgar (275) may choose his warlord trait from the codex.
    They are:
    – Warlord gains Fear. Test is done with 3D6.
    – Warlord and his unit get Furious Charge
    – Warlord has FnP
    – Every shooting phase pick a unit at max 12″. Shooting weapons of this unit get the Rending SR
    – Any unit in the same Detachment may use Warlord’s Ld
    – Any unit at 12″ reroll Ld tests (Moral, Pinning, Fear)
    His army may use one additional doctrine, once per game.

    BTW doctrines are cumulative. If you have an Ultramarines detachment, using a DemiCompany and Calgar, you may use the same doctrine 3 times during the battle.

    Tigurius (165). Pretty much the same.

    This is for the Gladius Detachment.

    Let’s go with the formations:

    Demi-Company (See above)
    – Tactic Doctrine may be used once per game (cumulative with other doctrines)
    – They get objetive secured

    Anti-Air Defence Force
    – 1 unit of Hunters
    – 1 unit of Stalkers
    – If one Hunter hits a flyer with the main weapon, all Stalkers in the unit get +1BS when firing at this flyer.
    – Unit of Stalkers: Mínimum 2

    1st Company Task Force
    – 3-5 Units from:
    Assault Termis
    Sternguard Veterans
    Vanguard Veterans
    – Fear
    – Fearless
    – At the beginning of the game, pick an enemy unit. Units in this formation have Preferred Enemy against the picked unit
    – Enemy units get -2 to L, if they are a 12″ of a mínimum of 3 units of this formation
    Restrictions: None

    Strilke Force Ultra
    – 1 Captain
    – 2 Termi squads
    – 2 Assault Termi squads
    – 1 Venerable Dreadnoght
    – 1 Stormraven
    – 1 LR Crusader or Redeemer
    – All units stay in Reserve. Start rolling on your turn 1.
    – After coming from reserves, or disembarking, shooting weapons of the Termi squads get +1 shoot (For Example, Assault Cannon becomes Heavy 5)
    – When disembarking from a transport, assault Termi units get +1A.
    Captain must have Terminator Armour
    All units must enter via DS, unless embarked in a Transport.

    Reclusiam Command Squad
    – 1 Chaplain
    – 1 Command Squad
    – All units at 6″ benefit from the Fanatic SR, not only the Chaplain unit
    – Unit must purchase a Razorback. Chaplain may not leave the command squad.

    10th Company Task Force
    – 3-5 units of:
    Scout Squad
    Scout Bike
    0-1 Telion
    – Precisión shots during first turn
    – If the unit has not the Stealth SR, they get it until the move, shoot, charge, etc.
    – Scout bikes must purchase the mines.

    Storm Wing
    – 1 Stormraven
    – 2 Stormtalons
    – Make only a reserve roll for the whole unit
    – Stormraven gets the Strafin Run SR, if at least a Talon is alive.

    Centurión Siege Breaker Cohort
    – 2-4 Assault Cent squads
    – 1 Ironclad
    – If they destroy a Transport, unit inside the 2D6 S6 AP4 hits, Ignore cover.
    – Reroll to penétrate vs buildings

    Land Raider Spearhead
    – 3 Raiders of any type.
    – See previous posts

    Librarius Conclave
    3-5 Librarians
    – Pick one Librarian, This guy knows all the powers of any Lib of the formation at 12″. Those Libs may not cast powers this turn. Picked Lib harness warp charges with 3+ if one Lib is at 12″ or less. If 2 Libs at 12″ or less, harnessing is with 2+.

    Armoured Task Force
    – 1 Techmarine
    – 0-3 TFC
    – 3-5 Units of
    – 0-1 Chronus
    – Ignore crew shaken and stunned if at 6″ of a Techmarine or a Techmarine gunner
    – Thechmarine and Techmarine gunner get +1 to Ominissiah rolls (repair vehicles)

    Suppression Force
    – 1 Whirlwind unit
    – 1 Landspeeder unit
    – One landspeeder may pick an enemy unit at 12″. Whirlwinds reroll to hit vs this unit. If the picked unit is out of range of the whirlwinds, the may fire ignoring it.

    Chapter Tactics
    Chapter tactics are:

    – Can use one battle doctrine (Tac, Dev or Assault) once per game. Can use Tac once, Dev once, and Assault once.

    White Scars
    – Reroll when running
    – Bikes get skilled rider, and +1S to HoW attacks

    Imperial Fists
    – Reroll “1” to hit when using bolt weapons (Bolt pistol, boltgun, heavy bolter, assault bolter and combi-weapons)
    – Reroll to penétrate against buildings. Devs and Dev cents have tankhunter SR.

    -Black Templars
    – Crusade + Adamantium Will
    – No Libs
    – If a unit loses a model during any shooting phase, that unit gets Counterattack and Rage.

    Iron Hands
    – Characters and vehicles have the “It will not die” SR. Techmarines have +1 to repair
    – Non, vehicle models get FnP (6+). If model already has FnP, gains +1 instead.

    – FnP (4+) vs flamers. Reroll to wound and to penetrate when firing flamers.
    – All characters improve one weapon to Mastercrafted

    Raven Guard
    – Shrouded during until turn 2. May add +1 to night fight roll
    – May use jump packs both in Movement and Assault phase. Reroll to wound HoW attacks.

    Some info about the Special Characters

    Kor’sarro Khan
    – Gives Scout to the Bikes in his army
    – Give 1D3 victory points if he kills the enemy warlord in a challenge.
    Warlord trait: 12″ bubble of rerolling L tests

    – No changes
    Warlord trait: FnP

    – No changes
    Warlord trait: Fear. Fear tests with 3D6

    – No changes
    Warlord trait: FnP

    – Sternguard vets have objetive secured SR
    – Oath of Rynn: same
    Warlord trait: FnP

    – No changes
    – Warlord and unit have Furious charge

    – Cenobyte servitors give FnP at 6″
    – Units in same Detachment use warlord L


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    Re: Nouveau codex marines

    Message  Breniox le Mer 10 Juin 2015 - 17:19

    Nécrobob, toujours à l'avant garde des rumeurs Smile
    Bah à mon avis ils sont en train de rendre le jeu de plus en plus bourrin...

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    Re: Nouveau codex marines

    Message  DamienW le Mer 10 Juin 2015 - 18:01

    Breniox a écrit:Nécrobob, toujours à l'avant garde des rumeurs Smile
    Bah à mon avis ils sont en train de rendre le jeu de plus en plus bourrin...

    Ca fait juste des années qu'ils ont commencé, hein. Depuis Matt Ward, en fait... Un des facteurs qui font que, si je reste attaché sentimentalement à 40k, et que le plaisir de la construction modélistique d'une armée y est incomparable, je m'amuse plus sur d'autres jeux (X-Wing, Infinity en son temps).

    Messages : 251
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    Localisation : Enfer, pôle sud et dark side of the moon.

    Re: Nouveau codex marines

    Message  Breniox le Mer 10 Juin 2015 - 18:05

    Je suis d'accord et te comprend entièrement. Heureusement, univers sympatoche, figurines très jolies. Côté en bourse, machine à fric et à rotation de clientèle, le rapport de force rentabilité/qualité de est hyper déséquilibré... La collection reste cool. Bon en tout cas il faut s'attendre à voir les schémas de formations remplacer peu à peu les standards !

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    Re: Nouveau codex marines

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